in the beginning was paradise
then there was an apple
then it got cold,
so that love could be invented
war came, which took love from people
and the people from love
so that the people could be
sent back to paradise

Gustav Mahler / Lieder aus „Des Knaben Wunderhorn“
15 songs in original orchestration
9 songs orchestrated by Detlev Glanert

WUNDERHORN is a concert event which combines the live performance of Mahlerʼs complete Wunderhorn songs with the projection of a feature film. Throughout his lifetime, Gustav Mahlerʼs musical imagination got sparked by the Wunderhorn anthology of folk poetry compiled by Achim von Arnim and Clemens Brentano. Whether autonomous lieder or conscripted into symphonic service, Mahler’s Wunderhorn settings represent some of his most exotic, exhilarating, but also visionary music. The Wunderhorn songs evoke and celebrate a lost era but they also prefigure its demise. Mahler captures this ambiguity in uncompromisingly melodious and idyllic, but also satiric, relentless and cruel music. In the feature film WUNDERHORN, Clara Pons visualizes Mahler’s melancholy and humanism, relating a story of love in times of war, and of a paradise forever lost.